The half-filled boxes of my life for you; only you

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My coworker (because we work in a library)

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Technically, this is the least lonely you’re ever going to be in your life.

College is a whole bunch of young people with nothing to do surrounding you, available to do completely random things at absolutely any time. Contrasting the number of social interactions you have a day - and the amount of free time you have all the time - with the impending future of work (for 60 years) is pretty depressing.

I guess maybe you get used to it. Then again maybe you don’t.

The idea that I won’t ever find a partner who suits me perfectly because I am such a fucking weirdo is pretty terrifying as well. If not here and now, then when? It seems to me that if love isn’t successful here on campus, I’m basically banking on mutual desperation in the future.

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